Streamline Your Bookkeeping, in real-time.

Is your eCommerce team wasting valuable time managing and reconciling invoices across your supplier network?

FeedStation’s Digital Glovebox allows sellers to aggregate invoices across your supply network and marketplaces. By using Digital Glovebox, your eCommerce team can stop wasting hours managing manually reconciling payments and get back to growing your business.

Using FeedStation’s Digital Glovebox, you can :

⚙️ Easily reconcile expected and real cost on orders
⚙️ View and update payment status across your network
⚙️ Send data directly to a single file, multiple files, or your favorite accounting solution.

Now Seeking Beta Customers!

FeedStation's Digital Glovebox is still in testing and is looking for scaling sellers to join our beta program! 

Don't miss the chance at exclusive pricing and the chance to connect with your supply network and save hundreds of hours reconciling invoices!