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Longacre + BigCommerce Integrations
Automatically update changes from Longacre to BigCommerce and back.
We take care of eCommerce operations so you can focus on marketing great products.
 Feedstation works with any distributor and any online marketplace.
Connect BigCommerce and Longacre
See how FeedStation connects BigCommerce and Longacre
Create and manage listings
Convert your product data to fully-realized BigCommerce listings in a single click.
Stay up-to-date on inventory
Aggregate inventory data from all your suppliers in one convenient place.
Post orders
Send new orders automatically from BigCommerce to Longacre.
Monitor fulfillment
Automatically track orders and monitor order updates.
Keep your channels updated
Push inventory automatically from Longacre to BigCommerce.
Customize FeedStation
FeedStation adapts to suit your existing systems and processes.

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