DeFeet’s eCommerce Infrastructure Required Big Changes 

In 2018, DeFeet knew that its technology was no longer sufficient for the ever shifting eCommerce landscape. Bogged down with legacy systems, DeFeet knew it needed to make drastic changes to increase direct-to-consumer sales, while creating efficiencies for managing wholesale relationships.

To accomplish their growth objectives, DeFeet needed to migrate their BigCommerce website to Shopify, transition their ERP, and ensure seamless synchronization between order data across channels.

However, these weren’t the only challenges. DeFeet also lacked a tool to synchronize business-to-business (B2B) orders with its business-to-consumer (B2C) data. When a supplier purchased products from DeFeet, there wasn’t a streamlined way to enter this data into DeFeet’s B2CeCommerce system. This required manual onboarding for each B2B purchase.

“At FeedStation, we recognize that there’s a gap between the technological options available to eCommerce companies and the solutions these organizations need to dominate a market,” explains Michael Linnane, CEO of FeedStation. "We step into this gap to give forward-thinking organizations solutions that are equal to their marketplace challenges.”

Executive Summary
Company: DeFeet
Established: 1992
Product: Road, Mountain & Gravel Cycling Socks made in the USA
Industry: B2B & B2C Retail
Challenge: Stay competitive by migrating to Shopify without disrupting operations
Success: Simplified complex operations | Enabled additional revenue streams | Automated time intensive tasks

FeedStation Helps DeFeet Re-launch Better Than Ever

“At FeedStation, we step into this gap to give forward-thinking organizations solutions that are equal to their marketplace challenges.”
Michael Linnane, Founder & CEO, FeedStation

In a few short days, FeedStation seamlessly transitioned DeFeet from one ERP system to another.

In addition to assisting with DeFeet’s new B2B site, FeedStation migrated DeFeet’s eCommerce presence from BigCommerce to Shopify, interfacing directly with designers and implementers to create the desired end-user experience.

FeedStation also helped streamline the process of onboarding purchase orders from suppliers worldwide. DeFeet replaced a completely manual process with a tool that uses FeedStation’s DeepLogic engine to parse and understand the contents of each supplier’s documents and prepare B2C draft orders for DeFeet’s fulfillment team to review.

“With our business booming, we knew we needed to migrate to Shopify, we knew we needed to streamline operations, and we knew we needed FeedStation.”

Shane Cooper, Founder, President & CEO, DeFeet

FeedStation Empowers DeFeet for Continued Success

FeedStation continuously monitors DeFeet’s systems and marketplaces making tens of thousands of smart decisions that help keep DeFeet’s eCommerce systems in sync each and every day.

From overseeing thousands of operations to ensuring data streams stay in sync, FeedStation gives DeFeet the tools it needs to grow its eCommerce presence and stay competitive in the world’s largest marketplace.
Don’t Let Poor Technology Keep You from Staying Competitive.
Meet eCommerce Challenges with FeedStation.

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