Cosmic Pet’s Merger Creates Amazon Issues

While Cosmic Pet's acquisitions quickly showed signs of growth, they also acquired an unprecedented amount of technological baggage. Left with multiple ERPs that required an on-site firewall, Cosmic Pet now owned systems unable to communicate securely with Amazon.

After speaking with Amazon, Cosmic Pet was told that unless they compromised this safeguard, their ERPs would cease to communicate critical data with Amazon.

In turn, Cosmic Pet was forced to rely on manual data entry. Order data was taken from Amazon and manually entered into their ERPs. Then, data from the ERPs would be manually placed back into Amazon. Not only did this create a lag between purchase and data entry, but it also drained 50+ hours per week for each brand.

Executive Summary
Company: Cosmic Pet
Established: 1992
Product: Innovative Pet Toys & Accessories
Industry: B2B Retail
Challenge: Multiple Systems Unable to Securely Communicate With Amazon
Success: Saved Over 50+ Hours Per Week Per Brand

FeedStation Bridges the Gap between On-Premise ERPs and Amazon

“At FeedStation, we step into this gap to give forward-thinking organizations solutions that are equal to their marketplace challenges.”
Michael Linnane, Founder & CEO, FeedStation

After Amazon recommended FeedStation for the project, the FeedStation team implemented a solution to bridge the gap between Cosmic Pet’s onsite ERPs and Amazon data—FeedStation’s On-Site Intelligence, an application that can be remotely controlled by FeedStation and can sit securely behind a firewall.

Thanks to Feed Station’s Onsite Intelligence communicating with its on-premise ERPs and FeedStation itself, Cosmic Pet was able to eliminate manual data entry. “Cosmic Pet was in a tough situation,” explains Michael Linnane, CEO of FeedStation. “Bypassing the firewall protection meant compromising Cosmic Pet’s security. But continuing to use manual data entry meant risking human error and increasing inefficiencies. FeedStation’s On-Site Intelligence transformed a no-win situation into a win-win outcome, enabling productivity while maintaining the integrity of Cosmic Pet’s firewall protection.”

“Manual data processing was crippling for our most popular brands., and there didn’t seem to be a solution toour ERP issue. Once Amazon introduced us to FeedStation, everything changed!”

Cosmic Pet

Cosmic Pet’s Operational Efficiency Soars

With a significant reduction in manual activities, Cosmic Pet began to save over 50 hours per week per brand.

“This is a huge win for our client,” notes Lauren McCullough, FeedStation’s Director of Operations, “With FeedStation’s On-Site Intelligence, it doesn’t matter if an acquired brand uses an on- premise ERP system or a cloud-based one. Our solution means Cosmic Pet can enjoy efficiency without compromising security.”
Spend less time on manual data entry. Spend more time expanding your eCommerce footprint.

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