ColorRite’s Amazon Specifications Create Complexity

Using ColorRite’s database to create Amazon listings presented a challenge.

ColorRite has a wide-breadth of paint colors. When selling into the automotive market, it was critical that its Amazon listings reflect which paint colors suited which vehicles—by year, make, and model. Combining ColorRite’s plethora of options with potential vehicles meant hundreds of thousands of listings.

While ColorRite’s specifications weren’t easy to meet, Amazon knew an organization that was up to the task - enter, FeedStation.

Executive Summary
Company: ColorRite
Established: 1988
Product: Aftermarket Vehicle Touch-up Paint
Industry: B2C Retail
Challenge: Launching on Amazon with complex listings at mass scale
Success: 600,000 listings created and live in days with no downtime

ColorRite Finds a Solution with FeedStation

“Our platform makes the process easy on our clients, leveraging technology that was built for speed and flexibility...”
Michael Linnane, Founder & CEO, FeedStation

Amazon referred ColorRite to FeedStation because of FeedStation’s unique ability to handle complex listings and mass scale.                                                                                                  
“FeedStation is fully capable of handling complex orders,” explains Michael Linnane, CEO of FeedStation. “Our platform makes the process easy on our clients, leveraging technology that was built for speed and flexibility. We use the data formats our clients already rely on, reducing headaches for busy organizations.”

FeedStation created listings with fitment information that mapped each ColorRite shade to the appropriate vehicles. In addition, FeedStation ensured ColorRite’s listings included custom images displaying a color swatch matching the shade viable by customers.

Accurate listings weren’t the only way FeedStation positioned ColorRite for revenue success. With FeedStation’s expertise in ACES datasets, ColorRite was also able to capitalize on Amazon’s Part Finder. Located at the top of an Amazon page, this feature indicates whether a product will fit a customer’s vehicle. For listings with a positive match, data indicates an increase in sales by 32%.

“With our business booming, we knew we needed to migrate to Shopify, we knew we needed to streamline operations, and we knew we needed FeedStation.”

Shane Cooper, Founder, President & CEO, DeFeet

ColorRite Rapidly Launches on Amazon

After several iterations with ColorRite, FeedStation’s proprietary software prepared, generated, and deployed around 600,000 listings for ColorRite in less than 7 days. Since its launch in 2014, ColorRite’s Amazon presence has generated more than 117,000 orders and $3.4 million in revenue.  A testimony to the success of the Amazon launch, ColorRite continued to partner with the FeedStation team to create thousands of Shopify listings, build a proprietary technology that uses Shopify’s tagging system, and help a ColorRite brand gain 50 hours a week in operational efficiency                              .

As ColorRite continues to drive revenue through eCommerce, FeedStation anticipates using its vast capabilities to further its client’s success.
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